29 Jan 2011

Revolutia Continua.

Peace keeping UN soldiers in Bosnia 1995
One day in Cairo 1990 
The Evolution of the Revolution continues. Power to the people continues. Shaming of politicians continues.  Facing down the greedy continues. Education of the people continues. Dissolution of religion continues. The spread of democracy continues.
In the real world the greedy and the military are regrouping to attack the people. Netherlands is back into the war game pretending to protect Muslims in Afghanistan. What a shame on them to re-enter this disgusting game after their soldiers betrayed the Muslims at Srebrenica, 1995.   
Dutch nationals are rightly alarmed at this unprovoked Afghanistan interference by their lackey politicians. 75% of Dutch voters oppose the move.
The growing western military complex is creating more and more dangerous excuses for their unbridled and over financed existence. 90% of total world military spending is by the Atlantic Alliance. The next real revolution will happen in America where a great people are being mis-led by war mongers.
The Egyptian people will walk to victory. Lets hope others will follow. Revolutia Continua.